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James Donnelly
Chief Information Security Officer at fscom

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GDPR: business headache or business opportunity?

[fa icon='calendar'] 24-Sep-2017 19:51:47 / by James Donnelly posted in E-money, Payment services, GDPR

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If you are a CEO, board member or otherwise involved in delivering a business strategy or IT you probably feel like you are walking around with a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) gremlin hanging on your back. It’s whispering the words ‘consent’, ‘processing’, ‘big fines’ and lets no forget  ‘privacy statement’ into your ears day in, day out and as May 2018 approaches that soft whisper may start to feel like it’s becoming louder and more aggressive. The gremlin is feeding on continuous marketing emails, blogs (but hopefully not mine!) and newsletters arriving in your inbox with the nightmare scenarios for your company if you don’t get a move on and turn your business into a GDPR paradise. Employing their services to do so, of course.

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