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MLRO Masterclass: how to handle tricky due diligence issues

[fa icon="calendar"] 09-May-2017 09:30:00 / by Alison Donnelly

Alison Donnelly

MLRO Masterclass LondonAll you want is a straight answer. Is this enough? Can I onboard this client? Can I accept this document? Is my EID provider running a tight ship or will I get sunk? Straight-talking fscom anti money laundering expert, Mike Southgate will give the straight answers at the next MLRO Masterclass.

fscom has years of experience providing compliance advice to our ambitious and innovative clients in the payments and e-money industry. The thing our clients all have in common (besides being wonderful), is questions on client due diligence. The regulatory guidance is fantastic, until you encounter an outlier, an exception, an ‘interesting case’.

Can’t you just reject the tough ones? No, much better to get a handle on what you can use, ask for and who to turn to.

From explaining new policies regarding online POAs to the down and dirty on EID providers, the sixth fscom MLRO Masterclass, led by Mike Southgate, will cure more headaches than a couple of aspirin.

This is not a session to miss, save up your questions, your hypotheticals, your horror stories. Bring them to Bishopsgate along with your appetite on Thursday 25 May.

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Topics: AML Audit, fincrime, Training

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